Seventeen Karmic Accumulation.

It may take you some time in life to replace an innate sense of pessimism and despair with an awakened sense of optimism and faith in your future and the world condition. You have the drive and energy upon which to build your confidence and inner strength. If your plans and actions are not built upon an honest and legitimate foundation, you could tumble from a position of great authority. This is a plateau of learning where power should be used constructively.

There will be disagreement with people in positions of authority who misuse their power or who fear to alter the prescribed ways to progress. Interestingly enough, you are subject to the same resistance within. You do not like to be told what to do by another and will have difficulty working comfortably as a subordinate. Your ambition is powerful and you will persist with hard work (sometimes beyond endurance of the physical body) to achieve your goals. Part of your drive for attainment is compensation for subconscious fear of losing your identity by getting lost in the crowd, by becoming another automaton in our technological society, or by failing to leave your mark in the world).

Your career and commercial talents are marked. You have a capable mentality and good sense of organization. You have the foresight to visualize a project and then anticipate the needs and outcome of the directive you have set in motion. You are persistent and can be tactful enough to obtain the cooperation necessary to complete the requirements of the job. Be careful that impulsiveness and pettiness of ego do not interfere with your work.

This is a curious combination for friendship. You want friends, but you want them on your terms. You alternate between a come-on and a put-off. Your blend of outward optimism and latent pessimism affects the way you deal with friends. You like friends, but do not go after them. Rather, they seem to find you. You work hard to make things work and just as quickly become indifferent, expecting things to fall apart. In one instance, you may demand too much, then turn around and avoid any feedback, making friends feel unneeded. Those who persevere find you a loyal friend and enjoy your buoyant, boisterous, and practical side.

Your lively nature is unsettled and fickle, and you seek love affairs as an outlet when the breaks do not go your way and you are down on life. You could very well marry for social and political reasons rather than follow your heart, creating a cold or unfulfilling union. You are likely to marry more than once or engage in an attachment to someone below your social or intellectual level. When the finer emotions rule, and you find a strong independent mate, you are a loyal and dynamic partner.

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